Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crafty Biker Baby

Hi everyone! I threw a baby shower for someone over the weekend, and it was so much fun (and hard work!) make decorations and setting up games!! It was quite a crafty shower. I made the invitations, some decorations, and signs and instructions for various games on my computer, We even had the guests get crafty and paint little bibs and onesies. Here's a picture of my favorite: 

Of all the things I made for the shower, my favorite was a 'diaper bike.' What's that, you ask? Have you heard of a diaper cake? It's shaped like a multi-tiered cake but made of diapers, baby washcloths, and other baby items. Well, that didn't seem like the guest of honor's style, but as she used to ride a motorcycle, I went with a diaper bike instead! I found a tutorial here: ttp://

It surprised me by only taking a couple of hours to make. Although the shopping took a long time, because I was really picky about what I wanted to give the guest of honor! I love the penguin rider. We had a bit of a penguin theme for the decorations, as the guest of honor just loves penguins! I like the cute little frogs on the blankets and bibs, too!

I had to tweak the design a little bit to work with what I found. The receiving blankets I bought were longer than in the tutorial, so I had to wrap and fold them a bit more to get them to fit. I also used a smaller plush, so I folded down the handlebars-poor little penguin couldn't reach them before! I also used a few extra diapers (20 per wheel) just because I bought a pack of 40, and it seemed silly to leave the 6 extras! 
I also added my own little touch: a little tailpipe made out of the most adorable penguin socks that I found! I didn't want to stretch them out by using them for the handlebars, but I really wanted to include them. I think it works!

Have you ever made a diaper cake? Or had a crafty party or baby shower? Please share!

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