Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poor neglected blog

I've just been way too busy to post lately . . . so much going on! I've got a temporary (but full-time) job, working a shift from 3:30 to midnight, and just too tired/busy most times to get anything done on the blog. I'm postponing my etsy finds: dragons post, because fairly soon . . .

I AM GOING TO GREECE! LOL Sorry to shout, but starting to get excited here! We've got most of our hotels booked but things will be crazy until we leave, a friend is coming to stay soon and will be here until right before we go!
In the meantime, I've not had a whole lot of time for beading, but I did make a necklace to wear to my cousin's wedding, that I think came out great! My first try doing a wire-wrap on a briolette type pendant like this, check it out!

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