Friday, April 30, 2010

Who doesn't love MAIL?

Anyone who uses Twitter has seen a million posts along the lines of "retweet this post to win a . . ." or "Follow me for a chance to win . . . " etc. Usually I ignore them, I mean, what chance do I have, honestly? Well, a few days ago one of my Etsy "tweeps" did a slightly different giveaway, and I WON! Her contest was for the next person to do . . . something unspecified . . . would win a surprise! Luckily she gave hints, and as the next person to favorite her Etsy shop, I was the winner! My surprise, from Tubby Tabby's Jewelbox arrived in the mail yesterday. I was so excited, I just had to make a post about it here :D
Everything about the packaging was beautiful (yes, I'm building the suspense on you, deal with it :-p . . . ) I opened the envelope (which looked as thought it was being reused-very green!) and found a little box tied with ribbon.
Wrapped along with the box was a kitty tag, made from plantable paper, that reads "Plant me, Water me, watch me grow!"

The two Tubby Tabby's Jewelbox cards inside were absolutely adorable, and so professional!

And . . . inside was a gorgeous necklace! It has a very dark red pendant, which is a color I absolutely love. There are silver swirls on the bail and also two separate swirls on the string. And you'll see, it looks gorgeous when worn! I've been wearing it all day, I love it so much!

I just can't even say how much I loved getting this little surprise in the mail. If you like it too, check out Tubby Tabby's Jewelbox, it's full of beautiful things, including more necklaces like this one, and beautiful pendants made from upcycled dominoes or scrabble tiles. You can also check out Tubby Tabby's SquawkBox (blog) and the Top Cat graphic design shop, or follow her on twitter.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beading Experiments: Wire-Wrapped Wine Glasses

These were a wedding gift for a friend, so I'd been waiting to hear from her that she'd seen them before uploading any pictures . . . but now it's time!

This is something new that I was trying out. I made a set of wine glasses wrapped with silver-plated copper craft wire. Each glass has a different color of beads in the wire wrap, 2 crystal beads and one square bead with silver foil inside. The design of each glass is otherwise similar so they match as a set. Almost as though they've got built-in wine charms! They do need to be washed carefully. I made an open spiral at the top and bottom of the wire wrap, and hammered just a bit to harden them. In between the wire is wrapped fairly freely, so each looks slightly different.

I've uploaded more pictures to my website. I thought they made a great wedding gift, but I'd love to hear your feedback. If people like them, maybe should I add a set to my shop!

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Late-night musings . . .

With the great help of my friend Becca, I've come up with a late night stroke of GENIUS!

Forget e-harmony, people should be matched by which chores they most HATE to do! That way, they can live together happily, each doing the other's most-hated chores! Laundry-haters can meet dishwashing-phobics, or those absolutely grossed out by toilet-cleaning can remove spiders for arachnophobics! It's the perfect recipe for a dating site! I could make millions!

LOL . . .

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Preparing for The Hippo's Quest:

Hi all! I'm preparing my second post in my "Hippo's Quest" series, where I showcase etsy finds! Click here to see the Hippo's Quest Earth Day post in my old blog.

The next theme I am working on will be dragons! Please let me know your suggestions for great handmade dragons listed on etsy! You can leave a comment here or convo me on etsy. Let me know what is special about your pick, and I just might show it off in the Hippo's Quest!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Old Blog, New Blog . . .

Welcome to my first post in my NEW Blogger blog . . . I've decided to switch here because it just seems like it will be easier and faster to post in than my Weebly site! Click here to see my old weebly blog which I will be keeping attached to my website so that people can find my old posts!

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