Thursday, April 29, 2010

Late-night musings . . .

With the great help of my friend Becca, I've come up with a late night stroke of GENIUS!

Forget e-harmony, people should be matched by which chores they most HATE to do! That way, they can live together happily, each doing the other's most-hated chores! Laundry-haters can meet dishwashing-phobics, or those absolutely grossed out by toilet-cleaning can remove spiders for arachnophobics! It's the perfect recipe for a dating site! I could make millions!

LOL . . .

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  1. ROFL!

    I would like to be matched with someone who likes all chores please.....

    (If I had to choose one chore to do....does cooking count? LOL)

  2. Heehee ... we are genius when it is late at night



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